Servicing the Batemans Bay area with outdoor and lifestyle supplies for over 21 years.

Charlie is the only licensed Pawnbroker and Ammunition Dealer in Batemans Bay.

Clients and customers can be assured of their security and privacy.

34E Orient Street, Batemans Bay. 2536. NSW. Australia.

Phone: (02) 44 727900


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Licensed Pawnbroker

Licensed Secondhand Trader

Licensed Ammunition Dealer

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Charlie and his team are local people with local knowledge and they can tell you where the fish are biting, where the waves are breaking, where the prevailing wind is blowing, where the prawns are running, the movement of the tides, the location of National and Marine Parks, and how to find the best diving holes. Charlie can even repair your rod.

For the great outdoor experience!

Charlie has just the gear, the apparel, the equipment and the advice for your ultimate water or nature adventure.



Pawnbroking and Secondhand Goods

Terms and Conditions apply

Money lent and secured loans offered on items of personal property that are used as  collateral. The items having been pawned to the broker are themselves called pledges or pawns, or simply the collateral. The borrower leaves the goods, and they are returned when the loan, interest and any other fees and charges are repaid.

  • Money Lent

  • Gold Bought

  • Jewellery Sold


Ammunition, Archery, Hunting Supplies

Archery is the art, practice or skill of using bows to shoot arrows.  Shooting is the art, practice or skill of discharging a firearm at a designated target. Historically both have been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, they are mainly competitive sports and recreational activities.

Charlie has a range of quality hunting and shooting equipment for the sporting enthusiast or the holder of a firearms licence. Our product lines include gun cases, bows and arrows, ammunition boxes, spotlights, ammo, cleaning kits, knife sharpeners, duty gear.


Proud Suppliers of these leading brands:   

Winchester. OSA. NIOA. Federal. CCI. Elsey. Fusion.

American Eagle. PPU. Rio. Highland. Nosler. Accubond. Vmax. Sierra. Speer.Hornsby.

Sweets & Hoppe's Oils. Lyman & Abbey & Outer

  • Ammo

  • Knives

  • Arrows


For the Adventurer and Bushwalker

Binoculars, compasses, and telescopes

The great outdoors…….nature at its very best. Batemans Bay and surrounds boast some of the coast's most spectacular and beautiful waterways and national parks.

Whether cycling, driving, hiking, riding or walking, Charlie can set you up with the gear and clothing so that your adventure is comfortable and safe. Don't forget the thermos and the esky!

Proud Suppliers of these leading brands:   

Bushnel.Leatherman.Jarvis Walker.Engel.GME.

Primus.OzTrail.Stanley.Colmans.Sea to Summit. Gasmate.Companion.Roman.Supex.Hillbilly.Spika.

RV Accessories.


For the Camper

The call of the campfire

Charlie's diverse collection of camping gear caters to the rustic tent, campfire and sleeping bag adventure, or if your taste is a little more glamorous, there are camping fridges and outdoor furniture. If sitting by a campfire at night is your thing, or cooking breakfast on the gas barbecue is more your style, be sure to check out our selection.


For the Angler

Bait and tackle, rods and reels

Charlie offers an extensive range of everything you need for your catch of the day. Rods, reels and combos, line, lures, floats, rigs, hooks, sinkers and plugs, and bait.

Accessories include our selection of fishing knives, nets, tackle boxes, bait buckets, life jackets and fishing vests, gloves,  and boots, waders, fleeces, and wet weather gear.

Don't forget the chiller options to bring home the catch …….AND…….

Don't forget your fishing licence.

Proud Supplier of these leading brands:

Tweed Bait. Saga. Quantum. Bomber. Eco Gear. Ugly Stik.

Aus Spin Lures. Storm. Z Man. Haven Ford. Sugar Minnow. Rapala. TT Lures. Frogleys. Wasabi. Perfect. Blade Runner. Kokoda. AFN. Diawa. Tasmanian Devil. Power Bait. EJTodd. Schneider. Alvey. Berkley. Momoi. Platinum. YoZuri. Okuma. Chasebaits. Back Pete. Platypus. Williamson. Gulp. Fin Nor. Asari. Sure Catch. Juro. Rovex. Black Magic. Mustad. I Catch. Sunline. Neptune Tackle. Jackall. Viva. Triline. Image. Bassday. XXX. Maxima. Fish Candy. Hook Em. Fins. Plano. Classis Lures.  Jinkai. Shogun.Ugly Fish. Ecooda. Cobia. River 2 Sea. Gamakatsu. X Rap. Youvella. Saku Lures. Tru Turn. Boom Bait. Fire Bait.

Eagle Claw. StrikePro. Owner. Gillies. Fuji. Samaki. PENN

       Ocean, River, Bay

For the Water Enthusiast

Flippers and Goggles for all ages

Enjoy the recreational activities that are located underwater, over water, or in water? Scuba-diving and swimming, surfing and snorkelling, kayaking and jet skiing? These are just a few activities popular in our local waterways. Charlie offers a variety of wetsuits and rash vests, reef boots and beach shoes, leg ropes and secondhand surfboards.

  • Under the water

  • In the water


For the Boatie

Recreational vessel supplies

Whether a tinny, a yacht, a runabout, a houseboat, a jet ski or a speedboat, Charlie's choice of accessories is extensive.

Tide charts, life jackets, beacons and flares, extinguishers and radios, rain slickers, eye, wind and sun protection.

Safety equipment checklists and other marine equipment.

Stay Safe. We care.